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  • Are Macaws Parrots? YES!

    Are Macaws Parrots? Exploring the World of Parrots

    In the fascinating world of birds, macaws stand out with their vibrant plumage and charismatic presence. But let’s dive into a common puzzle: are macaws actually parrots?  In the avian family tree, parrots take center stage, and macaws, well, they’re a branch of this feathery family. Macaws aren’t the odd cousins; they’re full-fledged parrots with…

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  • Red-faced Malkoha - A Sri Lankan Endemic Bird

    Red-faced Malkoha: Sri Lankan Endemic Bird

    The Red-faced Malkoha is a cryptic avian species that holds a special place in the ornithological realm. Endemic to the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, this remarkable bird stands as a testament to the country’s rich biodiversity.  With its remarkable plumage and distinctive features, the Red-faced Malkoha showcases the wonders of nature in a way…

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  • Blue and Purple Birds

    12 Amazing Blue and Purple Birds [Photo with ID Guide]

    Have you ever seen a bird with a mix of blue and purple colors in its feathers and had trouble identifying it correctly? If so, this article can help you out. In this detailed blog post, I present a beautiful collection of twelve birds that have blue and purple feathers, which will leave you amazed.…

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  • Black Birds with Green Heads

    17 Amazing Black Birds with Green Heads [Photos with ID Guide]

    If you’re an avid birdwatcher or simply curious about our feathered friends, you might wonder “Are there any black birds with green heads?”. Yes, there are black birds with green heads. But, other than Common grackles, you might not see any birds fall into this criterion in the USA.    Black birds with striking green…

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  • Black Birds with White Stripe on Wings

    23 Notable Black Birds with White Stripe on Wings [Photo and ID Guide]

    Get ready to be amazed as we explore the world of 23 black birds with white stripes on their wings in this exciting blog post. From the stunning Tricolored Blackbird to the majestic Eurasian Magpie, we’ve got you covered with gorgeous photos and helpful quick identification tips. Not only will this post deepen your appreciation…

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  • Peacock breeds - 3 species, 15 different colors, 5 different patterns, and 225 breeds.

    Peacock Breeds: 3 Species | 15 Colors | 5 Body Patterns

    Peafowls are large, colorful birds. Male birds (peacocks) are well-known for their long, showy upper tail covert feathers and elaborate courtship displays.  Probably you may have seen Blue peacocks before since they are the most common ones. But, are they the only peacock type out there? How many peacock breeds are there in the world? …

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  • Birding Smart: Merlin Bird ID APP

    Nowadays, it is a known fact that every birder carries a Bird Identification Guide with them whenever they do bird watching in outdoors. Because it’s a good practice to confirm the accuracy of your identifications with a published bird guide to the particular country or region. With the advancement of modern technology, now we have…

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