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  • Birding Smart: Merlin Bird ID APP

    Nowadays, it is a known fact that every birder carries a Bird Identification Guide with them whenever they do bird watching in outdoors. Because it’s a good practice to confirm the accuracy of your identifications with a published bird guide to the particular country or region. With the advancement of modern technology, now we have…

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  • Top 10 Health Benefits I Got From Bird Watching

    World Health Organization claimed that one-quarter of the global diseases caused by modifiable environmental factors. In other words, detaching ourselves from nature is the major factor for many diseases. A research conducted by group of German scientists have found that more greener areas with more birds in urban setup help to increase the mental health…

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  • Binocular and note book

    5S and 3R Approach in Birding

    There are many useful concepts formulated to make changes to the way we operate in the society. One such concept is the 5S concept which is originated in Japan and proposed in the area of management and productivity improvement. Similarly, there is another concept related to sustainability which is the 3R concept (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).…

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  • 11 Tips to Improve Birding Skills (to the EXPERT level)

    Have you ever wondered how the expert birders quickly and precisely identify birds just from a mere bird call or seeing it just for a second?

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  • How to Start Bird Watching (10 Best Tips for Beginners)

    There are millions of birders in the globe (about 47 million in the US alone!). Interested in joining the club? Welcome! You don’t need prior knowledge or any expensive optics to start with. Keep on reading to learn the best tips that I can give to any beginner birder who is starting today. Bird watching…

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