Bird Science

White Peacock with Spreaded Feathers

White Peacock: Why Are They Unique? [All Facts with Images]

Peacocks, with their vibrant and eye-catching plumage, have long been a symbol of beauty and elegance in the avian world. Among these splendid birds, there exists a rare and exceptional…

Peacock Symbolism

Peacock Symbolism: Their Meaning in Art, Culture, & Religion

Peacocks are truly magnificent and attractive birds, known far and wide for their enigmatic beauty.  These resplendent birds have found their way into our hearts and cultures, carrying profound symbolism…

Hummingbird Eggs - What Color Are They

Hummingbird Eggs: What Color Are They?

Hummingbird eggs are typically white or creamy white to help them to be well concealed in the nest and avoid attracting predators.  This coloration also allows the parent hummingbirds to…

What Do Birds Do During a Tornado

What Do Birds Do During a Tornado? Bird Survival in Bad Weather

Ever wondered about our feathered friends when a tornado strikes? Birds have some incredible ways to handle these swirling storms.  In this article, we’ll explore what birds do during a…

Are Pelicans Aggressive

Are Pelicans Aggressive? [Do This If They Try To Attack You]

Pelicans, with their distinctive appearance and remarkable aerial displays, have captured the fascination of nature enthusiasts and casual observers alike.  From their graceful glides over water to their remarkable fishing…

Do Pelicans Eat Birds

Do Pelicans Eat Birds? Exploring Feeding Habits of Pelicans

Have you ever wondered whether gigantic pelicans actually get a taste of other birds? This article answers that question and explores everything about the feeding habits of Pelicanst.  So first,…

Do owls mate for life

Do Owls Mate For Life? [3 Variations in Owl Mating Strategies]

Have you ever wondered about the dynamics of owl relationships? One intriguing question that often arises is whether owls truly mate for life.  Owls, with their mystifying nocturnal nature and…

Where do owls sleep

Where Do Owls Sleep? [They Choose From 6 Common Options]

Understanding the sleeping habits of owls holds significant importance in showcasing the mysteries of these creatures.  With their nocturnal lifestyle and mesmerizing characteristics, owls have long fascinated scientists and nature…

Do owls attack humans

Do Owls Attack Humans? YES! [Do This To Avoid Attacks]

Owls, those mysterious nocturnal creatures, have long fascinated us. But do they pose a danger to humans?  The answer is YES, but rarely owls can attack humans. While these incidents…

Why do eagles fly alone

Why Do Eagles Fly Alone? [Explained!]

Have you ever gazed up at the sky and spotted an eagle soaring high above, all on its own? Eagles, those magnificent birds of prey, often choose to fly alone….