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  • Do hummingbirds eat bees and wasps?

    Do Hummingbirds Eat Bees and Wasps? All About Their Conflict!

    Hummingbirds, bees, wasps, and butterflies have one thing in common. They all love flower nectar. But, hummingbirds are nectarivorous and opportunistically insectivorous. And, research has shown that about 90% of the hummingbird diet consists of flower nectar in general.  So, can these tiny birds be a threat to bees and wasps? Do hummingbirds eat bees…

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  • Do hummingbirds eat spiders?

    Do Hummingbirds Eat Spiders? [But, Both Are Predators!]

    Hummingbirds are omnivores. Though their favorite food is flower nectar, to get the required protein and other nutrients, they eat insects too. But, other than insects, what are other animals they prefer? Do hummingbirds eat spiders?  The answer is yes! Hummingbirds will eat spiders, especially if spiders are small and not dangerous enough to displace…

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  • Do Robins Eat Butterflies? [Explained!]

    Robins are one of the most recognizable birds in North America and have a diet to match their friendly demeanor. As omnivores, they will eat both plants and animals to get the nutrients they need.  Earthworms, caterpillars, and beetles are a few popular animal items on Robins’ menu. But, as opportunistic eaters, they eat quite…

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  • Do hummingbirds eat butterflies?

    Do Hummingbirds Eat Butterflies? NO! [But, Can They Coexist?]

    In the Americas, there are over 350 species of hummingbirds. These tiny birds are known for their vibrant colors and their love of nectar. But what else do we know about them? For example, do they eat butterflies?  No. Hummingbirds do not eat butterflies. Though they are very different creatures, hummingbirds and butterflies can coexist…

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