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  • How temperature fluctuation (linked with El Niño) affects birds

    How Temperature Fluctuation (linked with El Niño) Affects Birds

    Welcome, all bird enthusiasts and curious minds, to an exploration of the relationship between temperature fluctuations associated with El Niño and the world of birds. As an ornithologist with many years of experience in the field, I am thrilled to shed light on the profound significance of understanding this dynamic interplay. What is El Niño?…

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  • How does habitat fragmentation affect Birds

    How Does Habitat Fragmentation Affect Birds? Explained!

    Does habitat fragmentation negatively affect all birds? NO! But, it does to many and influences the ecological balance. Here is the full story of how birds are doing in a fragmented world. Firstly, I need to mention that this is a somewhat technical topic to discuss. But I hope you will enjoy reading it since…

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